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Helpful Links for Estate or Trust Administration

Below are several resources to assist fiduciaries with administering a decedent’s estate or trust.

Excel Spreadsheets

Spreadsheets to assist the executor or trustee in recording estate or trust expenses.


A fiduciary has a duty to keep a record of all receipts and expenses incurred throughout the administration process and to account to the beneficiaries periodically. We recommend that you use these tracking spreadsheets (or your own similar format) to keep a clear record of all estate and/or trust income, refunds, and expenses. Such spreadsheets may also save time and therefore fees in connection with the preparation of estate and/or income tax returns.

Unclaimed Property Websites

Sites to research whether the decedent had any unclaimed property held by a state treasurer.


Other States

We recommend that you check the registry for every state where the decedent resided and complete and submit the required documentation to claim any discovered property.

Unknown Life Insurance Policies

A site to research whether the decedent had any life insurance policies or annuity contracts.

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If you think the decedent may have had life insurance policies and/or annuities for which there is minimal or no current documentation, we recommend that you visit the website to complete a request to locate any such policies and/or annuities.

Transferring Automobiles

A site with instructions to transfer the title of a vehicle after the owner’s death.

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If the decedent, individually, owned any motor vehicles registered in the State of Illinois, we recommend that you visit this website to obtain the instructions and necessary forms to transfer the title to the proper beneficiary.

Social Security

A site with information on reporting a death and survivors’ benefits.

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The Social Security Administration provides benefits for some survivors. We recommend that you visit this website and review the pdf guide entitled How Social Security Can Help You When A Family Member Dies.

Veteran’s Benefits

A site with information on notifying the Veterans Benefits Administration of the death of a veteran.

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The Veterans Benefits Administration (VBA) provides a variety of services and benefits to surviving spouses, children, and parents of servicemembers and veterans. If the decedent was a servicemember or veteran, we recommend that you contact the VBA to notify them of the decedent’s death and determine if any services or benefits are available.

Change of Address

A site to redirect the decedent’s mail and reduce advertising materials.

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It is important to collect and review the decedent’s mail on a timely basis. We recommend that the appointed executor visit this site for information on how to redirect the decedent’s mail and remove the decedent from advertisers’ mailing lists.

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