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Core Attributes

We treat our clients as if they were members of our own family.

We listen.

Our focus and advice is based not on what we think should be important to our clients, but on what our clients tell us is important to them.

We understand.

We are sensitive to the psychological and emotional responses often triggered by the combination of wealth, family relationships, and the loss of a loved one.

We educate.

We teach our clients about relevant estate, trust, and tax law and offer alternative approaches so that they can make fully-informed decisions consistent with their goals.

We take a holistic approach.

In approaching our clients’ planning challenges, we draw on insights from financial planning, psychology, education, and business to supplement our legal expertise.

We are problem solvers.

We believe that lawyers should not be problem creators, but rather problem solvers.

We favor simple solutions.

Our goal is not to maximize the number of words we write or entities we create, but instead to add value for our clients in the least complicated way.

We are committed to excellence.

In providing advice and preparing documents for our clients, we approach issues rigorously and make sure that our work product is focused, accurate, complete, and artfully-crafted.

We give clear guidance.

We go beyond the preparation of legal documents to provide clear implementation instructions and support to enable our clients, where appropriate, to handle specific tasks themselves and thereby avoid additional legal expenses.

We partner for our clients’ benefit.

We partner with other professionals to provide the best advice and service to our clients, and, when we refer a client to another professional, we do so not out of any desire or expectation for a referral in return, but solely because we think it will be a good match.

We embrace technology.

We use advances in hardware and software systems to improve the quality and efficiency of our work.

We value continuing education.

We diligently keep abreast of new developments in estate, trust, and tax law.

We work to improve.

We continually strive to upgrade our processes and knowledge base.