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Estate and Trust Administration

We assist executors, trustees, and guardians to administer estates and trusts in an organized, timely, tax-efficient manner, while seeking to minimize fiduciary stress and family conflict and helping to preserve positive personal and family legacies.

This work includes, among other tasks:

  • Assembling a detailed list of tasks to be completed, organized by target date and person responsible for completion
  • Guiding fiduciaries through the steps they need to complete, while equipping them with information to handle tasks on their own to the extent they so choose
  • Opening a probate estate or commencing trust administration
  • Preparing estate tax returns
  • Addressing applicable income tax and other trust administration issues
  • Appearing in court
  • Working in partnership with accountants, investment counselors, and other financial advisors to ensure smooth and consistent advice and administration
  • Communicating with family members or other beneficiaries in an informative, non-emotional way
  • Providing direction to trustees in administering older or poorly-drafted trust documents, including writing opinion letters on proper trust administration
  • Representing trustees and beneficiaries in trust construction suits


For those of our estate and trust administration clients who have recently lost a loved one, we understand that the estate administration tasks can feel tremendously overwhelming at first. We take particular care to help our clients gain a sense of control and direction – and ultimately a sense of accomplishment and independence – by the end of the process.
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Helpful Administration Links

There are several resources available to assist fiduciaries with administering a decedent’s estate or trust.

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