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Helpful Links for Supplemental Needs Planning

Engaging in thoughtful supplemental needs planning is one of many tasks in arranging for your loved one’s future.  There are a few other resources you might find helpful in facilitating the future care of your loved one.

Life Care Plan

A guide for helping others to care for your child with special needs.


We recommend that you complete and regularly update this plan or a similar document and store it in a safe place. We also suggest that you inform your designated guardians about the existence of the plan and where you have placed it.

PUNS Enrollment Information

A site to learn about the Prioritization for Urgency of Need for Services database.


The PUNS list is an Illinois Department of Human Services’ database that records information about individuals with developmental disabilities who are potentially in need of services. The State uses the data to select individuals for services as funding becomes available, to develop proposals and materials for budgeting, and to plan for future needs.

ABLE Account Information

A site to learn about and compare ABLE programs.


We recommend that you review the ABLE account eligibility standards and consider whether an ABLE account might be advantageous for your child.

Helpful Links for Estate Planning

You may also wish to consider these additional resources for general estate planning.

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