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Helpful Links for Estate Planning

Signing thoughtful estate planning documents is a great start to reducing the time and expense in handling your affairs upon your disability or death.   There are several other resources you can consider to facilitate the administration of your estate and the implementation of your wishes.

Record of Important Information

A guide for getting your personal affairs in order.


We recommend that you complete and regularly update this form or a similar document and store it in a safe place. We also suggest that you inform at least one of your financial fiduciaries named in your estate planning documents (such as your property agent or executor) about the existence of the form and provide instructions on how to access it.

Supplemental Health Care Memorandum

A guide for your family regarding your long-term care and end-of-life wishes.


We recommend that you complete this memorandum and attach it to your health care power of attorney.

Tangible Personal Property Memorandum

Optional, non-binding guidance regarding your wishes for the disposition of your personal items.


Short-Term Guardian Form

A form to appoint a guardian for your minor child for a specified period of time, such as if you ever travel without him or her.


If living, both parents must sign the form. Please follow the instructions on the form and note that your signatures must be witnessed by two people, so we suggest that you complete the form in advance of your departure date.

Mortgage Notification Letter

A form letter to inform your lender that you are transferring title to the property.


Your lender may want to see the proposed deed to the property. If you are not sending a copy of the proposed deed with this letter, you can modify the letter to omit that reference.

Unclaimed Property Websites

Sites to research whether you have any unclaimed property held by a state treasurer.


Other States

We recommend that you check the registry for every state where you have resided and complete and submit the required documentation to claim any discovered property of yours.

Social Media Management Information

Sites to learn about granting control over certain social media accounts after your death.

Google Inactive Account Manager allows users to decide what will happen to their accounts if they have been inactive for a certain period of time.


Facebook Legacy Contact allows users to select someone to memorialize their accounts after death and manage the accounts (such as to provide information about a memorial service).


Helpful Links for Supplemental Needs Planning

If you are planning for a loved one with special needs, you may also wish to consider these additional resources.

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